About Atlas Tower

Atlas Tower: A World-Wide Independent Infrastructure Owner With High Value Tower Sites in the US and Africa

Atlas Tower develops and owns high quality tower sites in the United States and the Republic of South Africa. We offer our tenants an easy path to expand their networks and improve end user experience. We strive to be better and faster at tower development, and to identify excellent locations that are easy for tenant installation.

Atlas Tower provides a customer service experience that is second to none. We assist carriers in designing the right equipment configuration at the right price. Our leasing process is fast, friendly and collaborative. Our local management team is highly experienced, with a combined 80 years of industry knowledge. Atlas provides the right infrastructure for the best wireless networks.

Meet Our Team


Our sites are situated to meet current network needs and designed to meet future capacity and backhaul challenges. We design our towers to the highest degree of structural integrity.

Because Atlas is a small company that holds each team member accountable, we are able to provide a customer service experience that is second to none. Our goal is a fast, inexpensive and painless co-location process, and in turn, a tenant mandate for the rapid development of more assets from Atlas Towers.

At Atlas, we pride ourselves in building flexibility into our sites. Our towers can usually be extended higher than initial build. This allows our tenants the opportunity to adjust their design to meet their current coverage challenges. Our compounds are designed to expand to accommodate additional equipment or power requirements.

Site Solutions

Easy Leasing

Atlas’s smart, experienced and dedicated staff makes leasing with Atlas fast and easy. As a small company without bureaucratic hurdles, we can respond fast with customized solutions. In addition to this, we can almost always beat the lease rates of our competitors.

Team Approach

When you lease with Atlas, you will speak directly to the manager of the site you are leasing. The site manager will review and approve the application and will issue you an NTP. Each site manager has access to every member of the Atlas team, and will quickly see the application through, from beginning to end.


Our sites are high quality and structurally sound—situated to meet current network needs, but designed to solve future capacity and backhaul challenges.

Landlord Testimonials


"They've been tremendous, great all along. We've never had any problems or a bad experience. We started off way back when and it just keeps getting better."

Jerald Klinetobe
Frederick, Colorado

Client Focused

“Atlas Tower se diens is uitstekend - flink, vinnig en akkuraat. Die personeel is altyd vriendelik en tree ten alle tye met die hoogste graad van professionaliteit op en het uitstekende prosesse in plek. Ek sal Atlas Tower met ’n geruste hart vir enige iemand kan aanbeveel.”

John Swart
Pretoria, South Africa


"Atlas ke khampani ya bokgoni, ya go kušiša botho. Ke rata ka mokgwa o ba berekišanago le batho, gape le go bea batho pele ka nako tšohle."

Masifako A. Ramonyai
Kaalfontein, South Africa
"The employees are professional at all times, very friendly and have very good interpersonal skills."

Thage Ntile
Mabopane, South Africa

No Problems Whatsoever

"We've had absolutely no problems. Atlas talked us through the lease process really well. One person stayed with us to help us through the entire experience and through construction. We've had no problems whatsoever. I've been through many construction projects over the years and this had the least glitches of any. In regards to the tower itself, no problem. We don't even know it's there."

Mark Prator
Mud Lake, Alaska


"The lease was really easy to put together. Atlas hired professionals to do everything from engineering to construction. It was completed quickly, just as they said it would be. Atlas hires the right people; professional and easy to work with."

Kurt Ericksson
Puffin, Alaska

Socially Responsible

"Atlas inkampani esizayo emphakathini."

Nomusa Gumbi
Orange Farm, South Africa

Excellent Service

"Atlas Tower e re file tirelo ya bonala ya borutegi. Badiredi ba bona ba re file dikontaraka, ba re eletša ka tsamaišo, ba re fa le nako ya go nagana ka maemo, le ditshupetšo ka mogare ga kontaraka,. Ba tšere matsapa a go šalamorago le go kgonthišiša kgotsofalo le kwošišo. Re mahlatse go kgona go thoma bolekane bjo bogolo go feta tower, bjo bo akaretšago kgwele ya maoto ya bana ba sekolo. Re tloga re kgahlwa ke ka moka tšeo re di filwego bjalo ka sekolo. Ka boikokobetšo"

M.F. Hlatshwayo (Hlogo ya Sekolo sa Jozua Naude)