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Atlas Tower develops high-quality tower sites in excellent locations,
while providing a customer service experience that is second to none.

Maintaining focus on the core towerco business model

Atlas Tower on organic growth, power, fibre, and geographical expansion

Towering success

Atlas Tower has made impressive strides in South Africa

Town OKs cell tower at Lutheran church

55foot bell tower, with the antenna masked by a cross, defended by architect

Women in Towers: Africa

Insights from American Tower, Atlas Tower, Helios Towers, IFC, IHS Towers, and NEWL

Atlas Tower Charts South African Sites

Colorado's Atlas Tower launches a successful tower-building venture in South Africa that adds to the company's regional business in the United States

New Cell Towers in Carbon County

Those who drive Carbon County's isolated roads would likely agree their frustrating levels rise when cell service drops out.

Atlas Tower Companies

Atlas Tower Companies is an established infrastructure provider with communication towers all over the United States and is currently also focusing on tower infrastructure in the Southern African Development Region.

Cell Tower in Town: What does the municipality say?

The mayor has explained the need for erecting cellphone towers, also saying that broad scientific research has proven that these towers are not a health risk.

Towers Are Absolutely Safe Study from India Shows, Less Radiation than Sunlight

The next generation of cell towers emits less radiation than a cell phone. That's according to India's telecom secretary J.S. Deepak. The former health communications specialist with the Johns Hopkins University tells