Upper Highway Baby Home

Upper Highway Baby Home in Durban is passionate about bettering the lives and futures of children, mums and grannies in need. Atlas has assisted them throughout the Covid-19 pandemic with food,...

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Toringkerk Outreach Program

The Atlas Tower team hosted a food-drive, collecting tinned food and non-perishables for the Toringkerk Outreach Program. Toringkerk is a Dutch Reformed church impacting the local community in...

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Towering success

Four years after expanding from the USA into Africa, Atlas Tower has built an enviable reputation for delivering reliable, robust infrastructure for cellular networks at an impressive speed....

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Women in Towers: Africa

Women in Towers: Africa The Atlas Tower Women in Wireless Insights from American Tower, Atlas Tower, Helios Towers, IFC, IHS Towers and NEWL TowerXchange have shown that the industry is committed...

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Town OKs cell tower at Lutheran church

Lutheran church After months of discussion, the Jackson Town Council approved the construction of a 55­ foot cellphone antenna disguised as a bell tower at the Redeemer Lutheran Church at 175 N....

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COVID 19 Health Day

Healthy body equals healthy mind! Whether working out at home or getting outdoors to enjoy the trails and cycling routes, the Atlas team has made Health Day a priority both pre-Covid-19 and...

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Atlas Tower Charts South African Sites

Atlas Tower Charts South African Sites Colorado’s Atlas Tower launches a successful tower-building venture in South Africa that adds to the company’s regional business in the United States....

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Mandela Day 2020

As individuals we have the power to make a difference in the lives of others. Together we have the ability to change the world and make it a better place. On Mandela Day 2020, Atlas Tower, in...

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