Cell Tower Property Consideration

Are you a landowner looking to maximize the potential of your property? At Atlas Towers, we offer an exceptional opportunity to turn your land into a valuable asset by hosting a cell tower. Partnering with Atlas Tower means not only securing a steady income but also contributing to better connectivity in your community. Discover the benefits of submitting your property for a cell tower and join our network of successful landowners today!

1. Income

  • Steady Revenue Stream: Receive reliable, long-term lease payments.
  • Financial Stability: Secure a new source of passive income without the need for ongoing effort.

2. Minimal Impact on Land Use

  • Small Footprint: Cell towers occupy a minimal portion of your land, leaving the majority available for your current use.
  • Flexible Locations: We work with you to select the optimal site on your property, ensuring minimal disruption.

3. Community Connectivity

  • Improved Network Coverage: Contribute to enhancing mobile and internet services in your area.
  • Emergency Services: Boost connectivity for crucial emergency services and first responders.
  • Submit Your Property
    • Complete our simple online form to provide details about your land.
    • Our team will assess your property’s suitability for a cell tower.
  • Site Evaluation
    • Our experts conduct a thorough evaluation, including technical and environmental assessments.
    • We consider factors like location, topography, and local zoning regulations.
  • Lease Agreement
    • If your property is selected, we draft a lease agreement tailored to your needs.
    • Enjoy a transparent process with clear terms and conditions.
  • Construction and Maintenance
    • Atlas Towers handles all aspects of construction; from permits to building.
    • We ensure ongoing maintenance and upgrades at no additional cost to you.