Testimonials & Accomplishments

Testimonials & Accomplishments


They’ve been tremendous, great all along. We’ve never had any problems or a bad experience. We started off way back when and it just keeps getting better.


Atlas Tower’s service is quick and accurate, and they are always willing to go the extra mile. The staff are always friendly and have the highest level of professionalism and have great systems in place. I can recommend Atlas Tower to anyone.  


Atlas Tower is invested and helps in the community.


Atlas Tower provided us with excellent professional service. Their employee explained the contract thoroughly to us and gave us enough time to go through it, until we understood the entire contract and we were ready to sign. I am happy that the relationship with the company goes beyond the construction of the tower as they have sponsored our soccer team at our school with a soccer kit, balls and nets.


Atlas is a company with expertise and the company has extensive experience in telecommunications. They put their clients first and their staff has excellent interpersonal skills.


The lease was easy to put together. Atlas hired professionals to do everything from engineering to construction. It was completed quickly, just as they said it would be. Atlas hires the right people; professional and easy to work with.


We’ve had absolutely no problems. Atlas talked us through the lease process really well. One person stayed with us to help us through the entire experience and through construction. We’ve had no problems whatsoever. I’ve been through many construction projects over the years and this had the least glitches of any. Regarding the tower itself, no problem.