About Us

Atlas Tower Group

Atlas Tower is an independent global Wireless Infrastructure company. Since 2007, we have been developing multi-use wireless infrastructure as a critical catalyst for improved wireless connectivity. Atlas has a diverse asset portfolio with site designs to fit strategically within a community’s land use plan. Our sites meet the complex network needs of the various Mobile Network Operators. Atlas is a company born from town planning and uses this experience to provide scalable infrastructure that will survive the test of time.

High-Quality Assets

Atlas Tower sites are designed to meet current and future network challenges. We build our towers to the highest degree of structural integrity.

Flexible & Versatile

Atlas Tower builds flexibility into our service and sites. Our towers are built with the option to extend higher than the initial build. This allows our tenants the opportunity to meet 5G network needs.

Accountability and Service

Atlas Tower believes in accountability and quality in workmanship. Our goal is to provide a streamlined process, superior customer service and speed to tower in air.

A Global Innovative Infrastructure Company

What We Do

Atlas Tower owns and operates high-quality tower sites in the United States, EU and Africa. We offer our tenants an easy path to expand their networks and improve end-user experience. We provide swift tower development and facilitate easy tenant installation.

Who We Are

Atlas Tower provides a customer service experience that is second to none. Our leasing process is fast, friendly and collaborative. Our local management team is highly experienced, with a combined 100 years of industry knowledge.