1,000 Towers Built in South Africa

Atlas Tower Group celebrating 1000 towers built in South Africa! This would not have been possible without the support of our amazing clients! Also, a huge thank you to our dedicated staff for...

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IBIS Consulting

Atlas Tower Kenya and its contractors hosted IBIS Consulting to provide a comprehensive overview of environmental and social management systems (ESMS) through a training at Kenya Institute of...

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Kenya; 300 Site Milestone

300 site milestone in Kenya Atlas Tower is happy to announce that we have officially built 300 cell towers in Kenya. Our Kenya team has been dedicated to hard work and efficiently building new...

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Soccer Without Borders

Soccer Without Borders Atlas Tower is a proud sponsor of Soccer Without Borders. SWB believes in the power of soccer, the world’s universal language, to create positive change for...

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Promotions This Year

Promote Within Atlas Tower provides the opportunity for employees to grow with the company. Huge congratulations to the three employees that were promoted this year. We are excited to announce...

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International Youth Day

International Youth Day In recognition of International Youth Day, Atlas Tower celebrates the youth of today and the potential of youth as partners in today and tomorrow’s global society. Atlas...

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USA All Hands

All Hands Meeting USA 2022 Atlas USA All Hands Meeting for 2022 was such a great opportunity for team building, learning about each department’s roles, and collaboration for our business...

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3,000 Sites in Development

Atlas Tower USA 3,000 Sites in Development Our USA team has been working hard this year. We have officially 3,000 sites in development across the entire US. Checkout our site development map...

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